Whether your company is close to power lines or has high-voltage equipment, you should approach electrical safety with the utmost seriousness. The risk of electrical injuries can go from bad to worse, resulting in shock, burns, or even fatalities. Therefore, electricity is undoubtedly a serious workplace hazard. In light of this fact, facility owners or managers need to invest in safety prevention, protection, and emergency procedures. Whatever your safety goal, here are some electricity safety manuals that are integral in workplaces.

NFPA 70E:  Electrical Safety in the Workplace

The NFPA 70E manual outlines fundamental electrical safety rules and procedures applicable to work environments. The rules here are generated and published by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA). This organisation was formed to serve American workers’ interests and contains rules and procedures on handling electrical accidents or incidents ranging from shocks and burns to fatalities.

Z462-08: Workplace Electrical Safety

The Z462-08 safety manual is the Canadian version of the NFPA-70, only that the publication serves the interests of Canadian workers. This manual covers a whole range of safety issues about different working environments, including residences, office buildings, garages, and warehouses, along with other facilities. This manual was first published in 2008, but there have been a couple of subsequent revisions.

Electrical Safety Handbook

The Electrical Safety Handbook is widely acknowledged as one of the most comprehensive and independent reference sources on electrical safety matters. This manual offers detailed coverage on topical issues, including electrical safety equipment, safety procedures, maintenance concepts, and in-depth explanations of general OSH regulations.